About HND

In 1958, the main factory buildings of Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co.,Ltd (formerly named as Henan Diesel Engine plant), the unique research and manufacturing base of light type, high speed and high power diesel engine of China broke ground in Jianxi district in luoyang.
In 1998, the quality system  for civil products were certified by China Xinshidai Quality system Certification Body in accordance with GB/T19001-2000(idtISO9001:2000) ;In 1999, Henan Diesel Engine Plant was reorganized as Henan Diesel Engine Group Co,. Ltd;
In 2008, Henan Diesel Engine Group Co., Ltd is reorganized as Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co, ltd.


Scientific research ability and Certificates of honor
HND, with integration of research & development and production, is the unique large specialized manufacturer of medium/high speed, high power diesel engines in shipbuilding industry of our country, which is given the title of ‘New and high technology enterprise of Henan province’ and ‘Technology innovation enterprise of Luoyang Municipality’, HND has strong ability to design and manufacture medium/high speed diesel engines, especially, predominates some key technology in casting, machining and heat treatment of high speed engine parts. A provincial level technical center, special scientific research and development institute has set up in HND, which has special trial-manufacturing workshop and test equipments for research and development purpose, takes charge of new product development, technical improvement of products and new technology and new process research and application. During the tenth Five-year Plan, HND completed 14 technology innovation projects and 9 of them were industrialized;
during the eleventh Five-year Plan, HND focuses the technology innovation of enterprise on independent innovation of the basis of imported technology, carrying on the research & manufacture of new products with its own intellectual property, further optimizing the product mix and upgrading and updating the products to take on a new aspect that one engine is versatile at many and many engines exist simultaneously. Certified by 6 famous classification societies CCS, ABS, GL, BV, DNV and LR


Manufacturing ability
Growing up in exercise, HND has advanced equipments in the world with diversified manufacturing ability. HND is provided with 2 assembly lines respectively for series 234 diesel engines and series 620 diesel engines and over 20 test beds for diesel engines, gas engines and diesel generating sets. A assembly workshop covering as area of 7800sqm and a test workshop covering an area of 3200sqm and provided with 21 test beds of diesel engines and generating sets will be built during the eleventh Five-year Plan, thus, modern assembly lines for series 234, 604B, 620, L16/24, L21/31 are basically built and over 50 test beds are formed to meet the test requirement of 3000kW and 10kV high voltage generating sets.Advanced production lines of moving parts are mainly used to manufacture the key parts such as crankshaft, connecting rod and camshaft for various series medium/high speed diesel engines.
Assembly line
Test equipments
Crankshaft and connecting rod journal grinding machine
Camshaft grinding machine
Heller machining center,Germany
Horizontal machining center

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