Product Introduce

   The first generating set was researched and developed in 1987; as yet a whole series has been formed.
HND marine main generating set CCFJ130J-CCFJ1700J
Power 130kW-1600kW/50Hz
Power 200kW-1700kW/60Hz
Meet the different voltage requirement such as 400V, 450V and 660V-1000V
Electric/compressed air starting system available
HND marine emergency generating set CCFJ75Y-CCGJ800Y It can successfully start if engine room
temperature is not less than -5℃, and the time from start to build up rated floating voltage is ≤10s,Two-circuit
coolingsystem with H/L temperature heat dispersion; dual starting system with three methods (electric,
compressed air and mechanical spring); engine-mounted Siemens PLC engine control box.
Above-mentioned generating sets can be delivered with classification certificates of CCS, ZY, ABS, GL, BV, DNV
andLR, They can meet the requirement of IMO Nox emission.
HND stationary generating sets cover 200kW-1760kW.
Diesel generating set

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